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“We will do whatever we can to get sailing reinstated into the Paralympics”, that is the assurance given to disabled sailors worldwide by Andy Hunt, CEO of World...

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A new year, a year challenge. This time it’s global. Published under | 2 Comments
A new year, a year challenge. This time it’s global.

January 21st, 2016 GLOBAL SAILING PLANS ANNOUNCED BY QUADRIPLEGIC YACHTSMAN Disabled yachtsman Geoff Holt has announced his plans to sail around the world.   A feat for any yachtsman, let alone one who is paralysed from the chest down and uses a powered wheelchair.  The 27,000 mile voyage will take Holt through...

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Diana Campbell, a special lady. Published under | 0 Comments
Diana Campbell, a special lady.

In May 1993, I was sat alone in the cockpit of my 15th trimaran Billy in the middle of the Hamble river.  It was cold and blowing a steady 20 knots from the south west as I luffed up into the wind, took off my wooly hat and poured the...

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An ex-professional yachtsman with many ocean crossings under his belt, Geoff Holt was paralysed in a swimming accident in 1984....

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The story of Geoff Holt's Personal Everest Solo Round Britain challenge. Order online or find out more.

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