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Diana Campbell, a special lady. Published under | 0 Comments
Diana Campbell, a special lady.

In May 1993, I was sat alone in the cockpit of my 15th trimaran Billy in the middle of the Hamble river.  It was cold and blowing a steady 20 knots from the south west as I luffed up into the wind, took off my wooly hat and poured the...

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Paralympic Sailing – the show must go on Published under | 0 Comments
Paralympic Sailing – the show must go on

In January this year, the IPC announced sailing would be dropped from the 2020 Paralympic Games. It was a shock to the whole sailing community.   I’ve been giving some thought to how we find ourselves in this situation. With regards the recent IPC decision, I believe disabled sailing is...

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Paralysis: An Open Letter Published under | 41 Comments
Paralysis: An Open Letter

I watched in sheer amazement, like many others around the world, as the story unfolded yesterday of Darek Fidyaka, the paralysed Polish man who was walking again following surgery to regrow his spinal cord using cells from his nose. A scientific breakthrough of unimaginable consequences for the hundreds of thousands...

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An ex-professional yachtsman with many ocean crossings under his belt, Geoff Holt was paralysed in a swimming accident in 1984....

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