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Geoff became an inspiration to millions around the world first when he completed his ‘Personal Everest’ challenge by sailing 1,445 miles, solo, around Great Britain in a fragile 15-foot dinghy and again in 2009/10 when he captivated audiences around the globe with his arrival in Tortola at the helm of ‘Impossible Dream’ having sailed unassisted across the Atlantic. He has faced and overcome adversity, challenged limits and inspires others to adopt a positive attitude no matter what challenges they face. With his life experience and commercial background in marketing, Geoff has proven to be an asset to any event, delivering a thought provoking and extremely moving presentations.

Geoff has spoken to many different audiences in a variety of situations and venues. His natural modest charm and engaging manner coupled to the incredible challenges he has overcome make for compelling listening and a great source of motivation and inspiration.

Geoff’s story

Empowering Topics

Geoff’s story is highly motivational and told with humour, thoughtful insight and great photographs and film footage. He has faced adversity, challenged limits and continues to inspire others to maintain a positive attitude no matter what the challenges ahead.

Key themes are:

  • Courage in tough times
  • Mindset & Resiliance
  • No excuses
  • The right attitude makes high performance possible
  • Overcoming adversity & facing a challenge
  • Working alone in a hostile environment
  • Appreciating the importance of your team
  • Embracing diversity
  • Taking opportunities

Geoff’s Story

A Powerful Message

Geoff’s commercial background ensures his business messages are rooted in his experiences both on and off the water – a powerful combination. Feedback from clients across all sectors is consistently positive whether for after dinner (or lunch) talks, personal appearances or conference keynotes.

Geoff is a disability sports ambassador who has inspired countless others. Geoff’s personal philosophy of ‘no excuses’ lies at the heart of his story: motivating others to live life to the full and conquer challenges no matter what they may be. He hopes that his voyages will inspire others to push their own personal boundaries.

Corporate Speaking

Are you looking for a memorable speech that will create change in your organization? Geoff delivers talks at company away days engaging all staff across the workforce no matter what their background or role. He gives talks at Leadership training programmes, boardroom meetings and specific finance, marketing and sales events.

He was brilliant and his story is so inspiring. We loved listening and I am sure that a lot of people in the room went away today thinking about mindset and positivity and particularly how we can challenge ourselves more not just at work but in life. What a fantastic human being!

Asahi Europe Group

Drawing on his world-first voyages, Geoff tailors his story to address relevant themes for each event. Geoff has the undoubted skill of entertaining audiences yet still delivering vital messages whether he is guest speaker at an awards, a conference, a VIP client lunch or gala dinner.


Keynote Conference Speaker

Are you looking for a memorable opening or close to your conference? Geoff’s keynotes address themes such as achieving difficult goals against the odds, diversity and ability, inspiring leadership, effective teamwork, developing resilience, embracing change and building a successful (award-winning) value-centred business.

To captivate an audience of highly experienced lawyers is impressive. To find that they heralded you as ‘inspirational, compelling and unique’ is almost miraculous! That is exactly what Geoff Holt achieved when he was engaged as the keynote speaker at an annual legal conference. Charming, witty and entertaining, the lasting memory of the day, that will be carried by all well into the future is ‘Geoff Holt – a true star.’

Exchange Chambers

Geoff was brilliant – very moving, very admirable and very inspiring. Truly inspirational, his positivity & humour kept the audience engaged. It was an excellent evening and one that I think will be remember here for years to come.

Barclays Wealth

After Dinner

10/10. Lots of positive feedback about Geoff’s speech. Very engaging. Self-effacing. Entertaining and inspiring at the same time and pitched at exactly the right level for the audience. From a personal point of view as the event organiser, Geoff was great to work with and really added something special to the gala dinner.

The Environment Agency

A huge thank you for your after dinner speech on Friday night. It was a very successful evening. Your speech was perfect, moving, inspirational and humorous – many congratulations.



Some Kind Words About Geoff’s Work

“Exposing our R&D staff to new ideas and challenging accepted thinking is part of our continuing commitment to be innovation leaders. Your insights and personal story were an inspiration to all who attended.”


Thank you for delivering a fantastic talk. We have had some excellent feedback from dealers who have been using words such as ‘epic’ and ‘inspirational’ with regard to your talk, so I think we can safely say that it was very well received!


“Geoff had the whole audience fully engaged – he was highly professional and motivating and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic speaker.”

J.P. Morgan

“Never before have I recorded a 100% ‘excellent’ for the keynote speaker.
‘The place is buzzing today with people sharing their response/feelings to what you had to say. The words ‘Inspirational’ ‘motivating’ ‘emotional’ have been used over and over in the evaluation forms along with comments as to how staff will now respond to the challenges that they face.”

Shropshire NHS PCT

“His story is truly inspirational and really caught the imagination of the whole room. His drive, spirit and determination, delivered in a very factual way, had the whole audience mesmerised for the whole session.”

M&S Money

“Excellent. Geoff’s commitment and interest in us and our event helped make it a relaxed, funny and interactive talk. Very down-to-earth, funny, interesting and approachable. Outstanding.”

Mace Group

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