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Over the years, many sailing pioneers with a disability have sailed on amazing journeys which, were it not for their disability, would have been worthy of mention, if not in the Guinness Book of Records, then recorded by the World Speed Sailing Council. Although Guinness curate world records in the Paralympic Games, they exclude “disability” as a sub-set of their records.  The WSSC also do not consider records which focus on a  “human condition”. By which they mean disability. Nor do they curate records for those under the age of 18.

I feel it is important, for future chroniclers of our sport to curate these achievements. They may be broad by their nature, but the intention is to eventually amass details of past, present and future achievents by our disabled sailors.  No one has attempted this before and it feels like starting to write a dictionary from scratch, starting with the letter “A”.

Please help me to populate this list by notifying me of achievements you are aware of. Please also challenge me on any facts you believe to be inaccurate.

MEDIA: The media are welcome to use this data freely but it is copyright and all reproduction of this data must cite the source.

To review the list, Click Here  WORLD RECORDS LIST

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